Nanobots and The Fight Against Cancer

Space. The movie is about a man who is supposed to be injected together with his space shuttle into a rabbit. Things go south, and instead of the rabbit, the man is miniaturized into the body of another man. The concept of the movie sounds a little bit farfetched, right? But in the world of nanotechnology all this seems like a bridge we will be crossing in no time.

What are Nanobots?

NanobotsNanobots are basically robots that permit precise interactions at the microscopic scale with nanoscale objects, or have the ability to manipulate nanoscopic images. Though still in the research and developmental phase, nanobots could be the answer to many problems said Jason with

In the field of medicine and technology nanobots will be designed to transported and be powered by our blood, enter into the body and deliver medicine or fight various kinds of ailments. The nanobots would be tracked via ultrasonic signals or attached camera to monitor progress and their effectiveness. In addition an MRI would be used to assist in the tracking and monitoring of the nanobots.

If all this still sounds like a fantasy, then you should also know that nanobots are being researched on and viewed as the possible mode of treatment for cancer. But before knowing how nanobots will be essential in the fight against cancer it is also important to know how cancer first develops. Mutation of the gene or genetic mutation usually interferes with how cells act and perform on a normal basis. Genetic mutation makes our cells grow abnormally and in turn affecting our tissues negatively.

The goal of any form of cancer treatment is to either get rid of the infected cells or to suppress the effects of the infected cells on other cells or body tissue. Nanobots are definatately the ideal way to effectively get rid of these cells or minimize their effects. Due to the ability of nanobots to target specific cells accurately, then they could be the preferred mode of treatment for cancer and other ailments. Currently various research institutes like the California Institute of technology are combining nanobots together with Craig Mello’s and Andrew fire Nobel winning concept on RNA interference.

If the research in the field of Technology/Entrepreneurship will go as expected then nanobots could be the ultimate cure for cancer. By customizing the amount of drugs based on the type of cancer, nanobots will work by avoiding the good cells and work on the infected cells and there is no therapy at the moment that can be able to do that. But despite of all the great news, there are still so many unknowns. Could the nanobots be rejected by the body’s immune system or could they develop their very own minds and destroy the good working cells? All this questions are still unanswered, but as things look now the future seems to be brighter.